About European Health Care Centre

Founded in 1999 , The European Health Care Centre (EHCC) was founded by Maia Nosenkis, European M.D., Naturopath, Certified Nutritionist, who has practiced in Canada for 27 years, with a vision to serve the public with highest quality traditional and alternative health care.

EHCC specialists treat patients with their advanced expertise in acupuncture, chiropractic, allergy testing, iridology, nutritional counseling, live blood cell microscopy, osteopathy, lymphatic massage, hot stone massage, hydrotherapy and homeopathy, and not only in Ontario, but all over the world.

The EHCC medical doctors and practitioners have helped hundreds of children, youth and families alike in the following problem areas:
- headaches
- spastic bowel
- nick and back pain
- constipation
- neuralgia
- diarrhea
- frozen shoulder
- respiratory disorders
- gastritis
- sinusitis
- hyperacidity
- bronchitis
- asthma
- insomnia
- urinary disorders
- menstrual disorders
- reproductive disorders
…and many others!

We truly believe in the importance of the most quality and up-to-date traditional and alternative healthcare, and our practitioners ensure that all of our patients receive just that. Check out our Staff section to read all about who our MDs and practitioners are and how they may be able to help you.


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