I'm long time EHCC patient with great results. Follow the practitioners’ recommendations, I have changed not only my diet, but my lifestyle. Back pain, allergies are in the past. Overweight? It isn’t about me anymore.

Now I can and do enjoy life, including all aspects of it.

Thank you Dr. Maia, Galina, Lea, Liudmila for taking care of myself and my family.

Edward H.




Browsing WEB surprisingly found site of EHCC.  So, I guess, I may add couple of words in “Testimonial” section. Right?

Can’t recall when last time I have been in Toronto and not visiting European Clinic.

Normally, I call ahead of time and Oxana, clinic director, accommodates me with my tight schedule.

For years I had had skin problem and medications, I was taking, result of temporary improvement.

And every new cycle of improvement was shorter then previous and next cycle of medications required bigger dosage. One of my friends who has relative in Canada ( I believe some where in Quebec)  and that relative has somebody in Toronto… so, to make long story short, - I schedule appointment with Galina, - skin specialist at European Clinic.

We went through live blood cell microscopy test, some cream on my skin, which Galina made especially for me and bunch of supplements I had to take.

It took less than 2 month. I’m completely OK for last 4 years.

You are going to ask, - why the heck you’re going to clinic two three times a year if you are OK. Good question.

I’m taking care of myself by being proactive, and not to wait for problem to knock in my door. Few little bottles of supplements always with me and every time I’m in Toronto, adjustments are made in order to maintain me to be healthy.

Rick B.

New York  NY. USA



I’m patient of Dr. Maia since 1992. Had big issue with my spine, went through two unsuccessful operations and was offered third one. With Maia’s acupuncture treatments I had big relieve. Still need to see Maia when pain comes back from time to time, but taking no painkillers, no hormones. This is huge for me!

Thank you Maia!


Mississauga, Ontario



For as long as I can remember I was allergic to the things I love. Outside, it was everything from grass, ragweed and pollen to many other environmental influences. Indoors, I had a few food allergies and severe animal allergies. As a child, these symptoms were managed by weekly shots and as an adult by a year-round dependence on over-the-counter antihistamines. Since working with Leah, my allergies are no longer managed, they’re actually gone. Now I can be outside any time of year and even spend all day gardening. I can have contact with any kind animal and have no allergic reaction at all. When I first met Leah, she cleared me of my allergy to the dog I had at the time. Much to my delight, that initial treatment has continued to work with my new and current dog. Training, grooming, and even bathing my dog was impossible before, but now are things that I look forward to!

It’s been three years since my allergies were cleared. I AM allergy free! I no longer suffer like I did when I had allergies. What Leah and her non-invasive therapies have done for me is nothing short of amazing.

Robin Joyce


When I first came to see Leah I had been suffering for years with an extreme case of eczema that covered a large portion of my body. My children and I had so many food and environmental allergies, our lives were severely limited. We had spent thousands of dollars on Naturopathic visits and doctors, during which we tried a multitude of herbs, supplements, cleanses, homeopathic remedies and special diets with no improvement. I was at my wits end when a relative referred us to Leah, but I had little faith that I would see any improvement with BIE.

However this turned out to be completely life changing for myself and my family. Initially it seemed too good to be true. After only my second visit with Leah my arms were eczema free for the first time in years and with each visit I had huge improvements, not only with my skin but also my sleep and digestion. I was amazed how non-invasive BIE treatments were, and with no remedies to take or restrictive diets to follow it was easy for the children to be treated also. Ten months later our lives have completely changed. We are able to enjoy the food we love and spend time outdoors without any problem. Thank you Leah for this amazing gift!

Jasmine Perez


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